Tao of React

Alex Kondov
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The book contains 4 chapters - architecture, component design, testing and performance. Each one is a collection of principles that will teach you a specific technique on that topic. They are concise and go straight to the point, without any unnecessary detours.

Each principle starts with some context, a description of a problem that we're facing. Then it shows you a non-ideal solution or an anti-pattern that is commonly used in such situations. Finally, it gives you a better alternative, a proven solution that will have positive impact on your codebase.

About the Book

Tao of React is a book with principles and guidelines that will help you build well-structured React applications. Learn proven practices about architecture, component design, testing, and performance.

Tao of React is for beginners who want to advance further in their knowledge. The best time to read it is when you've grasped the fundamentals and are starting to build real applications. It builds on top of the core concepts and helps you form the right principles.

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  • Tao of React PDF + EPUB + Kindle

  • Tao of React PDF + EPUB + Kindle


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Tao of React

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